For keen couples who want to understand what is going on behind my style, the experience I offer and my why.

Announcements made five months in advance

Cart closes 6 weeks in advance of event

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Collaborative Styled Photoshoots, based in Central and Eastern Ontario Area

Pressure-free portfolio-building and creative expression for photographers and videographers at any stage of their businesses.

I have participated in a number if styled shoots myself, offered by other photographers. First and foremost, I'd like to thank them for having me to be a part of their experiences! They have taught me so much and have inspired me to now provide my own to others.


However, one major issue that I have come across with some of these expensive, group styled shoots, is that the quality of the content is often jeopardized with the sheer volume of photographers that they have on site during these creative events.


As the host, you want to provide an insanely gorgeous portfolio building experience for everyone, including the vendors,  but... when there are so many photographers, they are limited in time and rush through settings, they climb over each other to get the shot. Literally, people get hit in the head with cameras as they stand from a crouched position, elbows get into many, many of your otherwise perfect frames, and you are limited to the angles you can take your photos from because there is always a few bodies in your way, that you of course, don't want to be rude to. The quality of your images suffer due to the panic and chaos of losing opportunities. Forgetting to dial down the ISO from the last couple, or blowing out a string of photos with complete sun-flare, in a panic to get the shot, before someone bumps you out of the way, or only getting shots from a far left angle because... being repeatedly assertive just isn't your style.


Sound familiar? Sound like a nightmare? Sound like a waste of money and travel? Yeah.


I wanted to create a space where photographers and videographers have room to breathe,

room to move,
room to create with very little pressure.

Therefore, what I want to provide is an experience that is truly enjoyable for everyone involved. This will mean limited tickets for every event that I host.




  • Floral (two elopements, table florals, arch, alter arrangements)

  • Hair and Makeup (all couples)

  • Attire (elopement gowns + accessories and styling for all couples)

  • Catering (table setup, picnic setup)


  • Four locations/backgrounds (close in relation to one another)

  • Four adventurous couples (two elopement, two engagement)

  • Four rotating groups of... you guessed it, four!


  • One free-for-all 30-minute session at the end, in case you feel you missed out on certain shots before rotation.

  • I provide behind-the-scenes photographs for your social content.

  • I personally make time for your headshots before we get started with the couples so get in the mirror now and have your best angles ready to fire!

  • There will be water and snacks provided during the photoshoot event, with a catered social held afterwards so that we can all exchange stories and contacts to stay in touch.


This is all reflected in the cost of the event.

The ticket price for this event is $500 CAD + 13%HST.


Pay upfront


Pay with 4-month payment plan for $50 fee ($156/mo).


This event is for INCLUSIVE and COOPERATIVE photographers and videographers in ALL stages of their businesses. It's a pressure-free, portfolio building experience for everyone involved.

I will not be teaching but am happy to share my settings and prompts with anyone who would like my advice. Just ask.


Once announced, there will be limited tickets to purchase available in order to keep the project manageable and truly valuable for the participating photographers.

It must be noted that ticket fees and taxes are non-refundable but ARE transferrable.

The cost is for the creative session only.

Photographers are responsible for their travel and personal expenses.

Payment and signed contract are required to secure your ticket.

Cart closes 6 weeks prior to the event for budget and coordination purposes. 




for love of all kinds