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Where to Elope in Ontario

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Ontario. Home to 14.5 million+ people, spread out over 1 million+ square kilometres. But overall, we are so densely populated. I know that some of you are dying to break free of the cityscape and create incredible memories, and an incredible experience for yourselves, out in nature for your elopement or intimate wedding. But where?

While Ontario doesn't have a very mountainous landscape like you see in some of the most epic elopement locations, we do share four of the Great Lakes coastlines with the US border, featuring some areas with rugged cliffs and tropical looking water, that still make for a breathtaking view. Yaaaassss!

I was brought up on the ocean and I have to agree that the Great Lakes are a very close second to the views and vistas you can achieve on the East coast. But what if rocks/hiking aren't your thing? Keep reading.

Ontario is home to the Thousand Islands, Niagara Falls, Hamilton's 100+ waterfalls and their hiking trails, crystal clear, aqua water along the Bruce Peninsula, 5 National parks, 330 Provincial parks including Canada's oldest, Algonquin Provincial Park, 6 of the world's 36 Dark Sky Preserves, secluded, off-grid nature paradises, one of North America's top 5 freshwater dive destinations, over 180 wineries as Canada's top wine-producing province, Ontario Highlands canoeing route, Manitoulin Island, the largest fresh water island in the world, over 1,100 "easy" hiking trails... the list is endless. There are all sorts of eco adventures, elite glamping, paddling, sailing, and other water sport experiences to choose from. Unique B&B's are another idea where you can stay, play and exchange your vows. There are hundreds (thousands?) of locations to seek your perfect I-do spot. What more do you want? ;)

If you want more awesome experiences to choose from, we've got kilometres of open fields, limestone beaches, sand dunes, and orchards. We've got hot air balloons, zip lining, helicopter tours, over 30 ski hills to explore, horseback riding, skydiving, bird sanctuaries, butterfly conservatories, atriums/public greenhouses, public gardens galore, unique biospheres, rich indigenous cultural history and experiences, and still, tons more to offer. These adventures can be part of your ceremony or part of the celebration. There are zero rules and only your wildest dreams to consider.

The best part of planning an Ontario adventure elopement or intimate wedding, is that there are a ton of options within a few hours radius of where you are right now. Options that are a little outside the box, unconventional and unique to you. I love it.

To top it all off, Ontario boarders Northern New York which is just a short drive from my own area. There you'll find all kinds of interesting outdoor adventures with incredible views and experiences. I'm talking natural gas flames. Natural. Like, observed in nature. I'm talking real-life castles and vast views from the ledge of secluded mountains. The famous, mile-high Adirondack Mountains reside in Northeastern New York. The area has so much to offer anyone looking for a couples experience in nature. Tip: Peak fall foliage is... nothing short of outstanding. Google it. Really. The ocean isn't that much further of a drive, either.

Taking a look to the North East, you'll find there are just as many options in the province of Quebec, just a short drive away.

If you're thinking about making your wedding day entirely about your own experience, reflecting your own values and fulfilling your own expectations, skipping the big wedding industry traditions and one-time-use expenses and waste, I am sure that we can find an epic adventure that suits you just perfectly. An experience you're going to excitedly anticipate, not stress over, one you're always going to reflect on vividly and hold close to your heart.

Where to elope in Ontario?

Well... you could start by investigating some of the amazing Ontario features I have already listed above.

Part of the value in my packages is the offer of location scouting and planning assistance as you work out the details of your elopement or intimate wedding.

I am on-board and am totally invested in you (and your partner) planning something exhilarating for your wedding day. I hope that you plan an experience that lights you up and sets your souls on fire. One that assures you feel fulfilled by your wedding day, not bulldozed by it. However wild it gets, however far you want to hike (or not!), I'll be there to hold back the branches, fix up your hair, encourage all the connection, and take a beautiful record of it all.

I'm waiting on you to bravely decide to put yourselves first and foremost. I can't wait to photograph a care-free you, doing what you love, with the one you love, on your wedding day.


Do you have other spots or activities you'd suggest?

Let me know and I'll add them to the list.

Have you eloped anywhere in Ontario? I'd love to hear from you about your experience. Reach out at

Interested in learning more about what I offer? Reach out via my contact form here.

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