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What is an Adventure Elopement?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Why, it's only the most exhilarating and intoxicating way to encounter a union of two people.


Me too.

Nearly all of us have some sort of access to the mysterious beauty of nature around us. The world is such an incredible, diverse, and wild place to explore. Where would you fly if you could? Which mountain top would you scream from the top of? What beach cove do you imagine hearing the white noise of waves crashing and seagulls gulling on as you recognize the magnitude of this moment, when you promise forever?

A traditional wedding in Canada costs an average of about $30,000 !!!

That isn't a typo.

Some of the top reasons why couples in Canada choose not to marry are:

1) they are too busy

2) they'd rather spend money on travel or vacation

An elopement wedding conquers both of these (for lack of a better word) excuses, and allows for some much needed couple reconnection, relaxation, exploration and a deeply meaningful, entirely personalized ceremony opportunity. There are really no real rules.

An adventure elopement is essentially:

1) Imaging an incredible, adventurous experience, whatever that is to you. It should really be something that makes you feel passionate, fulfilled and exhilarated as a couple. It should make your heart beat a little faster, make the weight of the world feel a little lighter, and above all, it should put your world in perspective and bring you so. much. joy to experience.

2) Putting plans in motion to execute this incredible experience

3) Documenting and illustrating this enchanting experience for you to share and savour for the rest of your days.

It does take slightly more effort to plan an elopement than it does a typical vacation. But it's always easier when you have an involved photographer who wants to hold your hand while you dream and play around with ideas.

At a time when there is continuously less and less traditional pressure to marry, couples are choosing to marry later in life, in their 30's as an average (according to Canadian census data), and are choosing increasingly personalized commitment ceremonies that celebrate them and their relationship, in all sorts of unconventional ways.

The freedom and acceptance afforded to those who choose to elope in their very own way has never been stronger. There is so much sensible support for couples to avoid the environmental catastrophe, the chaotic family soup, the hectic hosting and financial burden of a traditional wedding.

If you feel an elopement or small, intimate wedding is perfect for you, reach out to see how I can help cheer you on as we arrange a tailored time and space to get those shoes dirty, and whisper your vows in the most magical way possible. I'll adventure along side of you, illustrating your romantic and adventurous wedding saga, keeping those phenomenal, loving memories fresh forever.

Sounds fun, right?

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