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Rachelle & Stuart, Paddle Boarding, Prince Edward Island, Adventure Couple Portraits

A small, fresh water stream is gurgling beside us on the beach, flowing into the calm, salty ocean at low-tide after a full-moon, as Rachelle and Stuart unload the car and start pumping up their boards.

Brushing off some of the red sand and kicking seaweed out of the way, they hoist and lug their boards to the shallow ocean, getting slow-motion stuck on the occasional sandbar that helps keep the water so dang warm in the straight near Chelton Beach.

I was up to my thighs in salt water, in stiff jeans, at 7am, bent down as close to the water as I could safely get with my gear, for the view of these two as they frolicked along in the early morning tide, enjoying the warm sunrise and a view of the Confederation Bridge in the background.

These two have a glow about them. They both have such a warm demeanour and are complete uninhibited by a stranger with a lens in their face. They met at a biking group on Prince Edward Island and really hit it off since each of them is a person who enjoys and uses the island for all its worth. Always taking on new projects, crafting, constructing, adventuring and exploring; kayaking and supping along the ocean coves, exploring the scenic bike trails, lighting morning beach fires and gingerly brewing camp-style coffee to start their days at the cottage with their red-sand-stained, fluffy pups.

It was so refreshing to splash around with Rachelle and Stuart during a sunrise photoshoot but these maniacs still had to get to work afterwards since it was Thursday, so, you know, we couldn't take all day.

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