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Rachelle & Stuart, Beach Fire Camp Coffee, Prince Edward Island, Adventure Couple Portraits

The brisk, early morning air was so still, not even the dune grass was swaying. It was going to be a good one to light up a fire in the cold sand at sunrise.

Stu and Rachelle are coffee connoisseurs of sorts. They have all sorts of ways to create coffee; kitchen espresso machine, camp fire coffee drip setup, and now they are the proud owners of their own coffee food cart setup which is rentable for events all over the Island, I think that is so brilliant. ** LINK **

The wood I brought for the fire was so freaking dry. It lit up in heartbeat and comically burnt up almost as fast! These guys have their boy scouts badge in fire making though so it was all good (they give those out, right?). As it died down, they quickly got it started again, the crackle and pop of the dry wood and the smokiness from the egg carton filling the air. That was soon replaced with the smell of rich, bold coffee, which, at near summer solstice daybreak, was the key to staying awake throughout our photoshoot.

What a smitten and cozy way to enjoy the crisp outdoors as the sun rises past a flutter of high clouds, meandering around the horizon.

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