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On the fence about branding photography?

Let's face it.

Followers who know, like and trust you are much more likely to buy from you, having interacted with your content many times in the past. There's a familiarity that results from regular content production and showing your face to your audience.

Think about those you've purchased from before. Especially think about digital products. How many times did you need to interact with the content before clicking "buy now"? How many times have you clicked on an enticing Facebook Ad, only to shop and close your cart before purchase? You were missing something. You needed a nudge to push you over the hill to purchase. A face, a name, a story behind a brand builds connection with your audience and most importantly, builds trust with them. Finding ways to relate and connect to people result in clicks and inquiries.

Photography is the starting point.

Having captivating and curated images to post, along with your message, makes you look authoritative and professional. These images show that you are skillful, competent and trustworthy as you build a history of engaging with your followers online.

These followers are much more likely to recommend you to others when they see your interesting and pleasing content regularly. And the more engagement and followers you gain, the more the algorithms adore you for putting our kick-ass content.

Having a photographer who "gets it" is key.

What good is paying for a photography session if you don't get the content you need from it? Pretty pictures of one's self are wonderful, but they don't tell a story. Searching until you find a super-personable photographer, who you feel understands the objectives and can execute quality images, in a record amount of time, is what you are looking for here. Be picky. Look for value. Appreciate quality and time.

Storyline Sessions

Is growing your audience a goal of yours? Reaching a new demographic? Promoting your services and products? Building relationships with your customers and clients?

If so, then reach out to start brainstorming for our first storyline session. During this session, we will work together to come up with four storylines. From here, we will break down the natural steps of those storyline topics, and further plan what aesthetic you are going for and how we can achieve that, adding creative elements to make your photos your very own. We will timeline our photo session so that all events are running smoothly, and we will secure a date and time. We'll talk about wardrobe, changes, locations and any prop elements that make sense to create visual interest in your images.

Buying Time

You will end up with content for an entire quarter, which is chronologically organized for you, just begging to be scheduled for posting. Regularly producing content can help you avoid the hassle of posting your own social content daily. This means you've just bought yourself weeks of your life back! What are you going to do with all that time?!

Branding photography needs to be considered into the marketing budget each year as consumer consumption of internet media increases day after day, year after year. Resist the urge to tackle this yourself and consider all the polished benefits to your business by investing in branding photography today.

The online world is ever-growing. We are spending more and more time interacting and consuming online. How can you make your mark?

What are you waiting for?

Reach out to ask your questions and to arrange a storyline session with me.


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