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I'm not a writer, I'm a photographer.

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I'm not a writer. I'm a photographer. An adventure couples photographer; illustrating wild elopements and intimate weddings.

What does that mean?

I become a dream journal for certain couples, offer planning assistance while organizing their engagement, elopement, milestone experiences, join them for travel and adventure, documenting their excitement and special-kind-of-love through my lens.

Why not bigger, traditional weddings?


They are so often like a wrecking ball on vendors... and the couples. I feel sad and annoyed to be nagging at my couple all day to keep on track for their timeline, forcing moments in a rush, taking only minutes alone together in a 12 hour long day, managing multiple interferences, possibly even intoxicated family members and friends unable to be found for group photos, family drama, embarrassment and chaos... not to mention the extreme pile of waste and the carbon footprint involved with a large, traditional wedding. I have found that it's just not my favorite thing to photograph. These events drain and stress my couples, and myself.

One thing I have found is that a couple's ability to enjoy their gallery is directly correlated to, and limited by, how they felt while the photographs were taken. It could be some of my BEST work, however, if the couple was feeling stressed, feeling coerced or overwhelmed, the images mean far less to the couple than if they had been relaxed, comfortable and having a care-free time when they were taken. Big, traditional weddings aren't exactly known for their chill atmosphere.

I am simply a photographer who is better suited for those couples who choose an experience that is deeply-rooted in their relationship. Forget the grand color schemes and decor, the cutlery and chair rentals, the picking and choosing of wedding party and thank-you gifts.

Entrance yourself with the freedom to dream, travel, and explore; take in epic views to the white noise of nature, expose yourself to breathtaking experiences and hold on to the meaningful, fulfilling vows that you exchange with your partner as you promise forever with a memorable, wild start.

That's where my heart is at, and where I get most inspired; in nature, in love, in peace.

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