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Eloping isn't about "less"...

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I sometimes get inquiries for one or two hour elopements.

My mind immediately goes to, you're getting MARRIED. Promising forever for your very own reasons. Turning away everyone and everything else in favour of this person.

I can't go into this with the mindset and commitment of an ordinary portrait session. And you shouldn't either.

Why would there be any less value placed on your wedding versus one with 100 guests?

What do the guests have to do with it, really? The point here, is documenting your marriage, your love story.

How you prepare, how you spend your day, how you wed and how you celebrate together!

I feel a touch of sadness that couples sometimes devalue their elopement, or intimate wedding, as if somehow their marriage, their story, is less worth telling or documenting, because there aren't fancy party tents and 120 people to feed.

Your wedding album shouldn't mean more to me than it does to you.

I am here to tell your story. There is no other one like it. I'm here to incorporate what makes you you, into your day, and into the gallery of images that you are going to reflect on and pass down for generations. I'm here to recount the way you felt when your other read their personal and powerful vows to you. I'm here to always remind you how it felt to watch the sun set on your day. You're a wife, or a husband now. The magnitude of that. The safeness in that first dance when you hummed to one another. The support you felt when you read a surprise letter from family who weren't present to witness your vows.

Taking time to illustrate those little things that trademark your relationship is something of such value that couples nearly never regret having on hand.

The way you fix his hair for him when the wind blows that cowlick in the back. The way he squeezes your shoulders when he can tell you're feeling overwhelmed. The personal vows to one another and what makes them the unique path to how you ended up here. Your youth. You'll always be younger on your wedding day than any one following. Adding in grand or subtle activities that scream your names as you celebrate your marriage...

Why are you eloping?

Working in what makes you feel the most free and sets your souls on fire...

Illustrating that story for you. That's why I'm here.

I offer a minimum of 5 hours of photography services for weddings of all kinds. All weddings include a complimentary engagement session (timeline assistance and location scouting as well). This allows us to get to know one another well ahead of time. Like, really break the ice with me and my camera so that you barely notice I'm there on your wedding day. Five hours of photography coverage allows you the freedom to enjoy your day with no hustle, no time crunches, no clock watching. You have the ability to work in transportation to different locations between ceremony and your personal celebration and gives you time to plan whatever activities you enjoy most to incorporate as part of your day. It gives me the opportunity to tell your story beautifully, creatively, and in full. It gives you a complete experience, and a complete product. A complete illustration of your next chapter.

Your elopement isn't about "less", it's about quality, and infinite possibilities in the ways that you can express yourselves, your love and your marriage. It's about freedom and simplicity.

Not less.

Not to me.


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Ali Logan Photography Services

I am a Canadian elopement and intimate wedding photographer based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada who is available for travel and adventure of all sorts. Try me! I offer inclusive packages to take the guesswork out of add-on fees.

I am involved. I support the planning process of adventure-style elopements and intimate weddings, and photograph them with a unique, timeless style and perspective for my clients to reflect on as the years pass by.

I also work with businesses and brands to create professionally curated photographic content to be used on social and other web channels to extend the reach of their businesses online, building connections with audiences while saving them time and money.

I am an inclusive person/photographer/business and encourage people and businesses from all walks of life to reach out to work with me.

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