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Alison, but call me Ali.

I'm a mother, wifey, outdoor enthusiast and more... but most importantly to you, I'm an elopement/intimate wedding photographer and a couples lifestyle portrait photographer based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, who happily travels from forest, to ocean to mountains to chase rich golden light and love.


I've always had an eye for photography. It's the ONE thing that has always lit a fire in me.

Photographing couples like you are my sweet spot. Why? Your personal experience with life and in relationships makes for some pretty darn dynamic and touching portraits. Translating what inspires you into photographs inspires me to do more, see more and experience more for myself. It's a driving force. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?


Who's gonna hike for kilometers to set up ahead of time for a surprise proposal? Who is going to climb a mountain to provide that beautiful proof that you've in fact exchanged your vows for life ("if a tree falls in the forest...")? Who will be there to follow you to a hidden waterfall where you celebrate your milestones as a married couple?  


*waves* Hi, that's me. 

But what good are these incredible adventures if they are in this weird and awkward silence? This relationship of ours is like fast-forwarding to BFF status, which in turn, helps me to reeeeally illustrate an authentic vision of you and your-kind-of-love with my photographs. Let's turn your adventures into magic through my lens.


Let's start planning. 

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