For keen couples who want to understand more about what is going on behind my style, the experience I offer and my why.


I might be the photographer for you if…

You want a photographer who will work not only for you, but with you

You walk a little on the wild side

You enjoy the outdoors and exploring on new adventures

You love with all you’ve got and aren’t afraid of a little PDA

You are a grateful soul who looks on the bright side of things

You appreciate nature and art

You generally want to own experiences over things


If you feel that I could be describing you in some of the points above, we might be an incredible match.



You'll notice, I'm all about that sweet, sweet glowing rim light, and creamy backgrounds. I love to see couples sprinkled throughout vast landscapes with lots of depth. I'm about those warm and fuzzies, that twinkle in the eyes, those intimate moments that often end in you bursting out in laughter because you realize, 'oh yeah, she's here". I'm into moody music and swaying to the beat, I'm into the light touches and the bum grabbing, wind blowing and hair tussling, skirts flowing and dudes brooding. Chasing and twirling. Tangled limbs and the sooooftest, almooooost kisses. The smitten smile after your lips touch. All the movement and flow. All the fun, all the cheese, and all of the love.

I encourage natural movement and interactions, saving space for lots of laughs and quiet, editorial moments. I have a bolder, vibrant style with minimal color adjustments because I feel your skintone should look true, and surely, you choose your outfits and location for a reason, ammi right? I want for you to enjoy a final product for years to come so keeping away from trend editing will ensure your galleries are timeless.


I'm a planner, I'm a prompter, and observer but also an adjuster. I want to provide you with those extra fun and romantic photographs that really demonstrate who you are as a couple, the ones that really look like YOU!

I want you to feel so, so free to be yourselves. We will talk through some pointers on posing, we'll play your favourite music, get some silly prompts out of the way to break the ice, we'll laugh it out and dance like nobody's watching. 'Cause, hey, they probably aren't anyway. 

Can I get a hip-bump? Yeeeh!



I'm Ali Logan and I'm your Couples Lifestyle, Adventure Elopement and Intimate Wedding photographer. (Woah, that was a mouthful.) 

Personally, I am far from perfect, I am a messy mom who can never seem to keep up, I am always working on the fact that I swear a little too much and I find I have to puuuuush hard through small-chat with strangers, just like you probably do too. But in the end, once we find some common ground, that small-chat turns into meaningful friendships and that's where we find our flow and make magic. This is why I am so involved. This is why I like to chat on the phone after your initial inquiry, help you during your planning stages, and keep in close touch leading up to your wedding!

Eloping is such an intensely personal decision and experience that not everyone understands, and that's cool. But traditional weddings are not for everyone either and I sooo value the peace and happiness that eloping, and small, intimate weddings bring to those couples who plan the most wholesome and dreamy experience to mark their first chapter. These events offer such opportunity for memory making and creating.


I'm so eager to support those couples who look deep and choose themselves, choose their adventure, their passions, their uniqueness, their vows, those who choose the impact of the biggest day of their lives and just take complete control of that. These couples choose simplicity, intimacy, peacefulness, fun and fullness over pageantry, waste, stress and chaos. Their stories inspire me and my creativity to absolutely no end. 

You feel that? We're vibing. I know it.

If I'm on point here, the first step in working together begins with filling out that intake form that I've got ready and waiting for you.


Shayna & Jared

Alison well prepared us for the photoshoot in the sense that she gave us TONS of inspiration to choose from.

Looking through the gallery for the first time - we were saying "sh** that DID turn out good" and also "damnnnnn that is a sweet shot". Actually my words.


Rachelle MacArthur Ali Logan Photography

Rachelle & Stuart

We were extremely pleased with how [the galleries] turned out, you have fantastic vision and have the incredible capability of making people feel at ease and comfortable during photoshoots - this really translated well for the photos.


Jill & Menno

Ali was very welcoming when we started to work together, which made things very relaxed.

Menno and I had a lot of fun and had great laughs throughout the shoot, because we were just so comfortable with her.